News of Drake Rihanna dating began after their sweet exchange at the recent MTV VMA 2016. Yet could the couple be ready to take their relationship to the next level as the Canadian rapper hinted at forever?

Ever since his speech before her Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, the two have been inseparable. Even the recent altercation of her ex-Chris Brown with the authorities could not separate them. Hence, their constant companionship of late would no doubt end the Drake Rihanna dating speculations.

The recent development between the two also proved beneficial for his fans. The finale of his three-night concert stop in Los Angeles welcomed a surprised performance from Rihanna. They sang their hit single Work to the delight of the audience. Thus, could fans be as lucky in Las Vegas? Rihanna also appeared on stage with him in Miami. Moreover, it served as the perfect opportunity for the Canadian rapper to profess his love for her once again.

Would his latest declaration indicate he is set to commit? Thus, can fans expect wedding bells to take place anytime soon? Speculations about Drake Rihanna dating began back in 2010. However, nothing came of it until now it would seem. They reunited earlier this year for their latest collaboration.

However, his reported desire to get serious with Rihanna could face serious opposition. Relevant sources revealed early on how the Canadian rapper’s mother feels about the Barbadian singer. Thus, Drake could face an uphill battle with his mom Sandi Graham when it comes to taking the next step with Rihanna.

As it turns out, his mom is not a fan of RiRi. Morover, she is reportedly vocal as to who her son should date. In her opinion, tennis star Serena Williams is the perfect fit for her boy. Thus, would Drake follow her advice or follow his own heart?

News of Drake’s feelings for Rihanna is not new. Yet it seems she now shares the same sentiment for him, according to HollywoodLife. Hence, does this set the stage for their forever?