Drake released his new album “Views from the 6” which became an instant hit. But it looks like Shawn Mendes is drawn not just to the new album, but the rapper’s previous singles as well, as he mashes up “One Dance” and “Marvin’s Room” that reportedly became the “ultimate sad boy ballad.”

The crooner performed the mash-up during his appearance in Capital FM recently, MTV News reports. According to the website, Mendez delivered the song in a way that people might think of the song while “drunk dialling” as it sends a bittersweet feeling.

More than that, Shawn Mendes also did a combination of his songs “Stitches” and “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” As a result, the hype about his next album started to fire up.

Notably, his collaboration with Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello for the latter created a buzz that the Latina has been planning her way out of the group. But the rumours appear to be false because 5H is about the release their sophomore album “7/27” on May 27. They were also rumoured to be dating.

As for Drake, “Views from the 6” is forecasted to dethrone Adele’s “25” in terms of sales with more than 600k estimated sales in just one day after the release on April 29. Adele gathered 3.38 million sales on the first week.

In a previous report, the possibility lies on his social media supporters because his songs bring more appeal to the younger generation while it is noted that Adele seldom uses the social media to reach out to her fans. Part of Drake’s promotion is the release of “Views from the 6” inspired Air Jordan Sneakers.

The rapper unveiled the OVO x Air Jordan Lows just hours ago. According to Foot Wear News, Drake must have collaborated with Jordan for the celebration of the success of the latest album.