Drake has become one of the most loved music sensations of recent time. Whatever this artist churns out, it turns out to be an instant hit. It was just a few days back that Drizzy started his Summer Sixteen Tour.  Besides delivering loads of hits, he ensured that he will keep entertaining his fans with elements of surprise during his performances. At the tour’s Austin tour stop, he was seen sending some restrained jabs, which people felt were intended at Tory Lanez. In Kansas City on Saturday night, he gave enough hints for his fans to come up with assumptions, as indicated at a forthcoming mixtape. Is this a confirmation of Drake’s new album? Does it have anything to do with the rumored Gucci Mane collaboration? The clues are here!

During his Summer Sixteen Tour, while addressing the crowd, Drake spelt out a few words that hinted about the artist’s projects in the pipeline and that it is a mixtape. “What I saw tonight was a beautiful building of beautiful people from all races and all places,” he said around the show’s end. He further added, “I want you to protect yourselves and each other so that when I go and work on this new mixtape and come back to Kansas City and I drop that shit, I wanna see everybody in this motherfucker boy!”

The rumors of a tie-up between Drake and Gucci Mane have been making the rounds. Recently, the Guwop’s go-to producer Zaytoven suggested that this collaboration will be an EP tentatively titled 6’ers reports hnhh.

Here is the clip of Drake’s announcement:

Looks like there is a lot of surprises in store. To keep the excitement going, the Too Good rapper purposely kept his words in KC open-ended or rather vague, so that it is difficult to decide whether the project he is mentioning refers to the Gucci project or not.

Whatever, it may be, the good news is that fans will be getting Drake’s New Album very soon.