It’s official! Drake has gone ahead and released “Can I” for the fandom which have been eagerly waiting to hear more since its teaser early this year.

For those not in the know, Drake has collaborated with Beyonce on “Can I” and over the weekend he went ahead and released the song on his Beats 1 OVO Sound radio show, as reported by Business Insider.

Only two weeks back, Drake released “What a Time To Be Alive” in collaboration with Future, and fans can’t get enough of him.

Of course, all ears are awaiting the release of his new album, “Views From the 6.” As confirmed by Digital Spy, “Can I” has made it to the track list on the album.

The upcoming album from the artist will also feature a song that would “inspire a paradigm shift,” as shared by Four Pins. The site also notes that with this album, the artist can be expected to “deviate from his winning formula and get a little weird.”

There is no denying that fans can’t wait to get their hands on “Views From the 6,” and they can now listen to “Can I,” one of the songs to be on the album, featuring Beyonce.

It is not the first time that the artist has collaborated with Beyonce. The rapper has been featured on “Mine,” Beyonce’s track for her 2013 album.

As noted by Business Insider, Drake’s bi-weekly radio show has witnessed new music being shared by the artist quite regularly, much to the delight of his fans.

The artist has certainly been on a roll with his show for Beats 1 and enjoying 100 hits on Billboard Hot 100, as per report.

There has been no official word on the video for “Can I,” more details will surface as the launch of his album, “Views From the 6”, inches closer and music lovers can head back for more updates.