The turn of events is getting more intense. Now, there are speculations that Goku and Vegeta will do a fusion in Dragon Ball Super episode 61. Another thing is that Black Goku may reveal his true identity.

Warning: this article might contain potential spoilers so read at your own risk.

The viewers were surprised about Zamasu’s real intentions. It turned out that he is another formidable villain that Goku and the gang need to deal with.

Black Goku has been on the Future Trunks’ arc, but it appears that he has a connection with the green character. This leads to rumors that they are somehow related in one way or another.

In fact, episode 60 revealed that Black is the combination of Zamasu and Future Goku. The villain wished for the Dragon Balls to transfer his mind into Future Goku’s body.

This answered the question why he has the same Ki as the main man, as per Attack of the Fanboy. Furthermore, Zamasu’s ultimate plan is to exterminate the human race, also called as “The Zero Humans Plan.”

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Meanwhile, there is also another guess that Goku and Vegeta will become Gogeta after performing a fusion technique. They will do that in order to fight Black and Zamasu in a tag team battle.

The former found out that the timeline has not changed a bit despite traveling to the future. For that, they would try to fight the villains and might use the fusion technique to finally finish them.

GojitaAF revealed the title for Dragon Ball Super episode 61. It goes with the headline Zamasu’s Ambition: The Human Elimination Plan is Divulged. Read the synopsis below:

The true identity of Black is Zamasu who traded his mind and body with Goku, thanks to the Super Dragon Balls. Moreover, it is now also proven that Zamasu and Black are at the origin of acts, which are even more atrocious.”

Watch the preview here: