Dragon Ball Super, episode 49 preview shows Future Trunks traveling to the present time. The main intention behind his journey back in time is to seek help from his friends to defeat Black Goku. Here is the story in short.

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 47 dropped hints at the start of the “Future Trunks” arc beforehand. In episode 48, we saw Trunks was really devastated by the loss of Future Mai who was killed by Goku’s evil doppelganger, Black Goku.  Future Mai is the woman appeared in the trailer for episode 47. Trunks was already mourning his mother Bulma’s death when Mai was killed.

Trunks’ grief over the loss of his loved ones drove him to turn into a Super Saiyan in episode 48. Black Goku and Trunks faced off, and while they were fighting, Black Goku conveyed that he wanted to end the Saiyan race. Trunks escaped to the laboratory and Black Goku followed him. After jumping into the time machine, Future Trunks was sent to the present time. MNR Daily  reports.

The time-machine reached the Kid Trunks’ school where his younger-self surprised to see his future character. When Future Trunks regains consciousness, he found the real Goku in front of him. Future Trunks starts attacking Goku, but the hero was able to stave off his attacks.

Next Sunday, in episode 49, it is revealed that Black Goku has explored the way to follow Future Trunks to the present time. Future Trunks is going to ask for help from his friends to beat Black Goku.

In the episode 49 preview from Jump (via Yibada), it was said that Future Trunks has a motive for coming to the present. He is pretty much aware of the fact that time-traveling is a crime.

“It is because he wants them to battle against a villain plotting to destroy future Earth!” reads the translation of the Jump preview.

In a preview for the episode 49, Goku asks Trunks what’s wrong and says that he assumed that the future was at peace. Goku is shocked when he comes to know that the world is under attack by someone who looks like him. A curious Goku asks whether this Black Goku is stronger than him.

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 49 titled “A Message from the Future! Goku Black Invades!” drops on Sunday, June 26 on Fuji TV