Trailer for the upcoming “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 45 reveals that Goten and Trunk will be transforming into SSJ3 Gotenks thru fusion technique.

Gotenks can be seen towards the end of the preview clip which was posted on Youtube. Goten and Trunks will fight with Goku against the Copy-Vegeta.

However, it is still unconfirmed if the title will be “The Amazing Copy Vegeta”, “Vegeta Vanishes!? The Terror of Copy-Vegeta!” or “Vegeta Disappears?! The Threat of Duplicated Vegeta!” as stated in MNR Daily. Anyways, here is the plot for Episode 45:

“Vegeta and Jaco head off to Planet Potaufeu to retrieve Trunks and Goten, who were taken there while riding in the luggage carrier on Monaka’s spaceship. While on Planet Potaufeu, Trunks and Goten are under attack by a Copy-Sauteian, and Vegeta comes to their rescue.”

“But the Sauteian has drunk the miraculous “Superhuman Water” transforming into a Copy-Vegeta identical to the real one, he stands in Vegeta’s way!” The upcoming episode will be shown on May 29.

Aside from the 45th episode, the title and the summary for Episode 46 is already out as well. Bearing the title “Goku vs. Copy-Vegeta! Who will Prevail!?,” it obviously implies that the battle might end on this episode.

While the plot for Episode 46 is yet to be unveiled, some details about Episode 47 is already out on the Internet. According to Facebook page Gojiitaaf, Future Trunks will finally arrive.

With the unofficial title “New Chapter! An obscure enemy appears”, “Dragon Ball Super” upcoming episode will allegedly have a sub-headline which reads as  “A new development begins! The boy returns to our time.”

The plot summary says “From June 06 (Sunday) starts a new chapter original designed by Akira Toriyama: Arc Trunks Future. After the tournament against the Universe 6, Trunks returns from the future to find Goku and the others. After defeating Cell, peace would have been restored, but the reason for his coming is.”