‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 35, 36 Recap: Vegeta Untouched By Galick Gun Wins Against Magetta Via Final Flash Attack

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“Dragon Ball Super” has returned for episode 36 following an exciting battle in the past episode. However, this time, a more powerful fight scene was highlighted.

In “Dragon Ball Super” episode 36, the fight between Magetta, a robot man of great strength, and Vegeta, Design & Trend reported that it will be Vegeta who will claim victory. Though it was never an easy battle for Vegeta since he had to fight the increasing heat, which comes from Magetta’s body.

The “Dragon Ball Super” episode 36 battle between Magetta and Vegeta the fans witnessed how Vegeta used the Galick Gun. Based on reports, one notable moment in this episode is when Vegeta is caught by surprise and Magetta attacked him with a bat to push him out of the ring.

Another report also indicated that the Galick Gun fails to work out for Vegeta. So he resorts to the Final Flash attack, a powerful attack that creates a blast that can make Magetta become dizzy. At this point, Vegeta will punch Magetta out of the ring, hence, Vegeta becomes the winner.

Some exciting moments can be expected from episode 36 like when Vegeta fought hard during the game against Magetta, yet stayed in his Super Saiyan base form. When Vegeta is caught by surprise and Magetta attacked him with a bat to push him out of the ring. Although Vegeta is outside the ring, he is not eliminated because a tiny rock on the floor will be able to  save him from being eliminated.

Meanwhile, an exciting victory for Vegeta against Frost was also seen in Episode 35. With only four to five knockout punches, he knocks down Frost and moves him out of the ring.

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 37 will be showing the next and another exciting match against Cabba, the new opponent that will come from the Universe 6, based on a review by the  Attack of the Fanboy.

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