Monday, September 26, 2016

Dragon Ball Super English Version Cancelled?

Dragon Ball Super English Version Cancelled?


Dragon Ball Super, the popular Japanese anime series, has become a global sensation in the last two decades. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the Dragon Ball Super English version, which was expected to be released in 2016. The latest buzz reveals that the English version of the anime show is not coming anytime soon. Does this mean the franchise has dropped the idea of giving the show an English dubbing? Is  Dragon Ball Super English version being canceled?

Earlier, it was announced that Dragon Ball Super will receive an English-language dub that will premiere on the Toonami channel in Southeast Asia and India in 2016. The English publisher for Dragon Ball Super is Viz Media. It began posting free English translations of the manga chapters to their website on June 24, 2016, with plans for a print release in spring 2017.

There is no denying that Dragon Ball Super and its sequel Dragon Ball Z have seen whopping success all over the world, so the English release for the anime series is something that many fans are looking forward to.  However, the recent update about Dragon Ball Super’s English version says that fans may have to wait a little longer. Since there is no news of cancellation yet, we can expect that the Dragon Ball Super English version is coming for real.

To date, we have watched over 50 episodes of Dragon Ball Super. Even though it is a global hit, the Western release is going to take some time. Sources like Forbes convey that considering the immense success of Dragon Ball Super, its delayed release is not a minor thing. How would the fans react to this matter?

Thankfully, Toonami Asia has found a middle approach to keep the fans calm. Expressing their concern over the issue, they released a tweet last week. In the post, they mentioned that the release of the series is something that they’ve been following up and are still waiting to hear back to ascertain what is happening.

The release date of  Dragon Ball Super English version is not yet known, but we are hopeful that we’ll hear some official announcement about it.

  • Rezerlius Carnelius Mazretin

    I highly doubt Dragon Ball super English dub will be cancelled it’s not going to happen eventually Dragon Ball super will being in English just like its predecessor Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z I have a feeling they are waiting until season one is finished I really do hope and I pray to God Funimation get the license for Dragon Ball super English dub I was really impressed with Battle of Gods and resurrection f😉

    • NL37

      hmm when does season one finish though

      • The Peoples Savior

        Season one was the battle of gods/ freiza saga which finished like 7 months ago. We are now in season 3 and still waiting