Following the revelation of Dr. Dre and girlfriend Michele’le regarding the truth in their relationship in the former’s biopic, fans have threatened not to listen to his musical pieces.

Lifetime TV biopic Surviving Compton shows how Dre used to physically abuse his love interest Michele’le. It mentioned the allegations of the latter in the biopic that her boyfriend used to abuse her constantly. The biopic broadcast on October 15 in the United Sates showed the rapper’s character hitting his girlfriend repeatedly on different occasions, including an instance where he pulled a gun at her.

Andre Young, the real life Dr. Dre, has indicated taking legal action against Sony Pictures because of the contents of the biopic. Meanwhile, fans have turned against the star, boycotting his musical masterpieces because of his inhuman behavior portrayed in the biopic.

The revelations have affected the best-selling Beats headphones business of the rapper. Michele’le admitted that she decided to reveal her side of the story publicly after she found that she played no part in the 2015 blockbuster biopic Straight Outta Compton despite being an important character of it. The biopic released a year ago focused on the successful journey of Dr. Dre.

The roles played by Dr. Dre in his back-to-back biopic revealed two different facets of the same character. There has been a rush of fans on Twitter who criticized their favorite rapper. One of the users tweeted that after seeing the character of Dr. Dre in the biopic, he has no respect left for the music star while another user said that he would never support the rapper for anything, including boycotting his business and products.

Where the character of Dr. Dre received lots of criticism online, Michele’le’s character grabbed full support and praise. She has been declared an “amazing woman” by a Twitter user.

Meanwhile, in his letter to Sony, Dr. Dre, according to The Guardian, claimed not having physically assaulted Michele’le at any time.