Bethesda has now revealed some really important details about their latest series reboot of the classic “Doom.” There are several modes showcasing all the fun and awesome ways your enemies can get killed during multiplayer. Here are a video trailer and description taken from youtube for your viewing pleasure.

The six-multiplayer modes of “Doom” will be available when it launches on May 13. The modes are as follows: Soul Harvest, Freeze Tag, Warpath, Clan Arena, Domination and Team Deathmatch. The first featured mode of “Doom” is the all-time favorite deathmatch. This is a plain and simple mode where your main goal is to kill as much people before you die or the time runs out. The other modes revolve around the same standard but vary in some ways.

Soul Harvest is quite similar to Team Deathmatch but has a slight difference, after a kill, players are able to collect the soul (a skull icon will be visible) of the player shot down. Players of both teams can reap the souls, but only the enemy player’s souls count as a score. Players are also able to re-capture the souls of their own team members before they can be taken by the opponents. Players slain by a demon will produce two souls for collection while killing a demon will give the player five points

Freeze tag is pretty unique. Players won’t be killed in this mode but rather frozen. The frozen players can be demolished by a hazard so that they can respawn. A player can be unfrozen by teammates who stand nearby and unfreeze them. The enemy team who freezes entirely loses the match.

Warpath is an area control match where you will travel through hazards and traps, and force enemies to take back a control point. The winning team will be the one who achieves a preset score or get the most points before the time expires.