The reboot for the DOOM game has brought some interest to the long-time DOOM gamers and even hardcore shooter fans.

Now with the recent Closed Beta test finally concluded and the upcoming Open Beta test expected to open anytime today, Bethesda unveiled some of their latest plans for the game as the multiplayer mode will have progressions and customizations. Gamezone has the report about the new updates for the next beta test.

One of the things noted on DOOM’s multiplayer is the progression. Players do not need to always win to get more of the perks or new outfits. Instead, all the players have to do is perform well in the game by completing the matches. Whether they win or not, one can get more points by getting the high amount of kills or getting the MVP or Most Demon Kills awards from matches.

So the more players participate in matches, the more unlocks that they can acquire, from armor, weapons, equipment and hack modules to collect. They can even customise their armor for a much unique look.

And speaking of customisations, Bethesda promises that the outfits will have 300 pieces of armor that are categorised into five themes. It will also have over 90 primary and secondary colors to mix and match and even over 50 color patterns to customise the armors, so every DOOM marine will each have a distinct look. This also works with weapons and the same thing applies to them in terms of customisation, with 96 colors and 60 patterns to combine for the best weapon design.

DOOM will also introduce the Echelons leveling system, wherein every time a player reaches level 50, it will promote to the next Echelon level. It will have 10 Echelon levels and each rank will unlock new cosmetics.

You can learn more about the new additions by heading to the Bethesda blog. DOOM will arrive for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on May 13.