Monday, September 26, 2016

Turnbull Confirms Same-Sex Marriage Poll Schedule: LGBT Solidly Backs PM?

Turnbull Confirms Same-Sex Marriage Poll Schedule: LGBT Solidly Backs PM?


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has declared that the national vote on same-sex marriage will be held after the July 2 elections if the Coalition retained its power.

It’s just five more weeks before the Aussie elections and Turnbull’s declaration of the LGBT national poll schedule is likely to do wonders for the Coalition. reported that the prime minister confirmed that he would expand the marriage horizons to couples of the same-sex after elections. “We will hold it as soon as possible after the election. Given that the election is on July 2, we do have ample time between then and the end of the year,” Turnbull told reporters in Sydney on Monday.

“But it will be held as soon as practical, as obviously legislation has got to pass through the Parliament so all I can do is give you my commitment to hold a plebiscite as soon as we can and it will be a very straightforward question and we will be asking the Australian people whether they support the definition of marriage being extended to include couples of the same sex.”

Turnbull’s office guaranteed national voting on the matter “soon after the election,” but no specific timeline was given at that point of time.

The confirmation from Turnbull will possibly pull the LGBT community votes and benefit him greatly. The scheduled declaration came as a surprise as the prime minister already refused to favor Attorney General George Brandis’s prediction of same-sex marriage proposal to be legislated by the end of 2016. Meanwhile, public support for LGBT marriage laws remains strong as depicted by the Fairfax Media-Ipsos poll that reflected 68 percent for it while 25 percent are against the marriage equality issue.

Labor, on the other hand, believes that holding $160 million votes on the issue will lead to wastage of resources. Thus, if Labor gets elected in Aussie elections 2016, it will hold a vote on the law within 100 days of taking charge of the nation.

  • Neil Aitchison

    Of course, we can avoid the cost of a same sex marriage plebiscite in Australia by simply leaving the Marriage Act as it is – no cost there…..and parliament has already voted on the Marriage Act about 10 years ago and it passed with the support of Labor politicians, so the matter should be done and dusted. However, the same sex marriage people want the change and are facilitating such an intense push that it requires an expensive solution to resolve. They cause the problem and then claim to be part of the solution. Their suffering that they claim to have is all self-inflicted. To claim that it is a human right is also a nonsense because marriage is already available to gays – it’s just that they must marry the opposite sex, but they choose not to. Marriage has always been a choice and it always will be. It is not a right. Even the European Union has recently acknowledged this. It is not listed as a right with the United Nations and same sex marriage was never considered necessary or desirable in the history of marriage in Australia until only the past few years after John Howard orchestrated a definition in the Marriage Act – a definition that stated the obvious and reflected the millennia-old institution of marriage. The only reason that it is now being redefined to include same sex relationships is not to enhance marriage or make it more desirable, but rather to make it a ”sex-based” instead of a “family-based” institution. It’s role in society would be completely changed into something self-gratifying instead of a social structure for the good of all citizens. All those past civilisations supposedly got it wrong because we are the “enlightened, smart, progressive” ones?….hmmm….not likely! The irony is that the very reason that marriage has become so desirable in the first place (based on the commitment between a man and a woman primarily, but not always, to raise children as a family unit), is destroyed if it’s definition is changed… other words, the people pushing for same sex marriage destroy what they want by getting what they want. There is no “marriage equality” when they leave out ALL the various marriage “options” (such as polygamy, marry yourself, two brothers or two sisters marrying each other or, as Chris Sevier in the USA is trying to do, marrying your laptop, etc). Seeing as there is no legal, historical or rational basis to call marriage a human right or to redefine it to include same sex people, it leads us to the question of what are the other agendas in play here with the SSM issue?….It is certainly the formal severing of marriage from parenthood (a population control measure?) and the rights of children are ignored to serve the selfish desires of the SSM parents (another stolen generation?).

    Sometimes the truth hurts. Exposing “anything-goes” sex programs like the “Safe Schools” program (more accurately, it is the “unSafe Schools” program) in Australia and exposing the same sex agenda is a good thing – we are exposing the broad sinister agendas that have nothing to do with “equality”. “love”, “tolerance”, “non-discrimination”, etc. There is also the “Building Better Relationships” program promoting sex-depraved immorality as being normal . So for some people to try to undermine the family unit and create the illusion of “moral relativism” (that is, anything-goes-and-ignore-the-consequences) such as the same sex marriage people are doing is creating discussion and critical thinking. The same sex agenda is being exposed for what it is: humanist/atheist social engineering. The result is that the decent people of society are mobilising against it and the more the SSM people push their cause, the more opposition that are creating. They are scared of a plebiscite because they know that they will lose it. The more analysis, the better. For example, is our biological sex determined by nature or nurture?….it’s obviously the former because of our chromosomes. Is our gender different to our sex?….nope!….it’s only the subjective, post-modernist person of the “progressive” gay mindset who thinks that redefining words can somehow change reality. Since when is “progress” always a good thing anyhow? It’s all just tricky word-smithing and targeting the naive young children of our society (without parental approval) because they are easy pickings. Make-believe “medical” reports just facilitate the illusion. That’s right!…..”The Emperor has no clothes”. Sexual orientation other than our biological, chromosome-determined sex is all about choice: we all can choose to be the way we are created (the natural biological reality) or choose to be something different (fluid “whatever-you-feel-like” gender sexuality ) that is contrary to nature – the latter leads to an unhealthy, destructive, mixed up lifestyle. So blaming opponents of the “progressive” fluid sexuality won’t stop the confusion, anxiety, depression (suicide?) of GLBTIQ people…’s their chosen lifestyle that causes it. All the health warnings associated with their lifestyle are ignored thereby creating a self-fulfilling prophecy of hurt, destruction…..and possibly death. The current same sex push affects the way we ALL act and talk – ALL society suffers as a result. Trying to redefine words to get the “abnormal” to suddenly become “normal” (and “immorality” to suddenly become “morality”) doesn’t work and it is a form of delusion to even try it. Morality by any other name is still morality and immorality by any other name is still immorality. And by the way, do the same sex marriage advocates allow gay rape?….of course they don’t and so this proves that gay people CAN withhold their sexual urges IF THEY CHOOSE TO. The whole social experiment of hedonising our society and trying to engineer morality using political stunts, herd mentality and shove-it-in-our-face programs (like “unSafe Schools” and “Build Better Relationships” programs), doesn’t change morality. Our children can now be warned of these manipulative manoeuvrings by hedonistic humanists/atheists so that the next generation won’t be so easily fooled as the last.

    It is inevitable now that schools will be polarised into “gay schools” and “non-gay schools” as the “gay schools” shout homophobia at anyone who does not want to be a homosexual (it will be a witch-hunt on all the time to “catch-out” the heterosexual and spew abuse at them just like Bill Shorten did to Cory Bernardi – no one wants to be on the run from the homo hit squad all day long) and the “non-gay schools” who are sick in the gut of having rampant hedonistic humanism/atheism shoved down our throats and so they want to live in peace by teaching their children the 3Rs and decency. The creators of the “Safe School” program obviously didn’t think through how their initiative will cause polarised “gay schools” and “non-gay schools” that will now eventuate – that is the path that we are now heading down. For schools/universities to support such a destructive program like “unSafe Schools”, it drags down their reputations and has me, for one, warning people not to send their children to such institutions – parents will vote with their feet (and their wallets) by not sending children to skewed schools/universities that are only into political activism and not into educating people.

    What we are seeing is the “cult” of LGBTIQ2A+ form where once you are in, you can never leave – Telstra has been caught out and many other businesses/individuals/politicians are going to get caught out too – it’s the “Hotel California” scenario: “You can check-out any time you like, But you can never leave!”. The decision by businesses to support SSM are being made by a few people in their leadership/marketing divisions and NOT by the shareholders or customers – the general populous has NOT been consulted. The intense, frenzied (bordering on hysterical) emotion that the pro-gay advocates are displaying when they don’t get their way coupled with their do-only-what-we-tell-you-or-else dogma is causing this cultish phenomena to develop in the extreme. Once you are in their clutches, their web, their strangle-hold and then you realise that their intentions are quite sinister, any back-tracking of support (or even becoming a “passive” supporter)….wow!….you are in for it. There’s no love or tolerance then from them, just plain hateful, malicious blackmail and bullying. The fun-coloured rainbow flags and ever-raining glitterati suddenly turns to bristling name-calling, abuse, threats, intimidation and flexing muscles, We can now start to see the ugly underbelly of the same sex lobby movement! Persecution is starting here (as it is already happening overseas) and will inevitably follow in all forms as the years pass and they thrust their agenda on everyone in every way possible. We never hear about the militant homosexuals….like “Bash Back” in America?…..who take the law in their own hands without due process.

    Btw, the more you create a “special” activity to help a “different group” of people, you inevitably make them more “different” because they have to have “special” help – it is circular reasoning and works against itself. It creates “perpetual victim-hood”. For example, when I was a child, I remember a group of children leaving out another child from their group (as children do from time-to-time) and so an adult stepped in to help out by telling/suggesting that the group include the other child. This just made the other child look more different from the rest because an adult had to step in to help him (when no adults had to step in for any of the other children), and so the child felt more left out and the the child himself got upset with the adult for exacerbating his situation. The adult thought they were doing something helpful, but just made the problem worse for the child. If the adult had just made a generalisation to ALL the children that they need to be inclusive without identifying any one child or drawing attention to any specific issue, then the group of children would apply the teaching to their circumstances by including the other child…..and the other child wouldn’t feel different from the rest (thereby maintaining his self-respect and normality). So in the case of the “Safe Schools” program, the more that the LGBTIQ2A+ people get “special” attention, the more different they look. Instead of being a genuine anti-bullying program that teaches anti-bullying across ALL issues, it focuses on one group thereby exacerbating their plight. Talk about a massive back-fire….another example is the “GLORIAs” whereby the gay lobby group offer tongue-in-cheek awards for what they think are the most “homophobic” comments being made in an attempt to humiliate people who make the comments, yet at the same time, they repeat the comments over-and-over thereby inflicting ongoing “damage” to the gay community – they are doing the very thing that they say shouldn’t be happening. The comments are also trivialised in the GLORIAs due to it’s comedy show format so instead of being treated as serious insults, people laugh off the comments – the gay lobby group inadvertantly hurt the very people that they claim to be helping. However, when a Christian is persecuted for holding Biblical view of marriage, the “Safe Schools” program does help them nor do the pro-gay teachers and principles. Already we have heard of Christian children having to be changed from a public school to a Catholic school to flee the hateful persecution that they received in the public school. This doesn’t just happen with “Safe Schools”, but homosexuals look more different and unnatural the more that the same sex lobby group tries to “help” them. There are also gay-only groups that teach people how to have gay relationships, gay sex, etc….so much for homosexuality being “normal/natural” if you have to be taught it.

    They gay agenda isn’t trying to “live and let live”. In fact, they are targeting every one in every way possible, especially through the public service and more specifically, indoctrinating our naive children and young adults with filthy sexualisation because they are easy pickings without parental knowledge – programs like the “Safe Schools” (more accurately “unSafe Schools”) and the “Building Better Relationships” (the latter designed to make out that sex-driven, one-night stands, gay or otherwise, is ok with all the STDs, immorality and soul/marriage/decency destroying attributes that go with it). I picked up a magazine in the local fish-and-chip shop to read while I was waiting for my chips to cook and I get Calvin Kline adverts of sex-driving gays/lesbians plastered in my face, there are Medibank gay ads and transgender theatre ads on buses, plus the myriad of gay relationships depicted in tv shows, movies, music, comics, etc – how can we avoid all the filth?….no chance of that. Terminology is also being changed to eliminate “gender-specific” words/definitions (like “boy”, “girl”, “him”, “her”, “mummy”, “daddy”, etc) – even “Mothers Day” and “Fathers Day” are being dumped due to half the same sex parents missing out. Shakespeare plays like “Twelfth Night” and “Taming of the Shrew” are also in grave trouble with their sexist prepositions….and what about all the “trans-gender women” (men who think they are women) planning to go into women’s toilets and women’s change rooms to perv at all the real women/girls undressing? This is why it is so destructive and deceitful to think that the gay agenda is “live and let live”….it is not. All the propaganda slogans and pretty coloured rainbow flags hide the true agenda of the gender fluidity which is population control using hedonistic humanism/atheism. If you want Australia to turn into a social sewer with unrestrained immorality, then this is how you do it.

  • Mayflower1978

    I Hope so that Australia will Legalized Gay Marriage after 2 July. 🙂