Ecuador has been hit by another earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2 on Wednesday at around 11:47 a.m. (2:47 a.m. AEST), killing one and left a few injured.

The natural disaster struck the nation twice in two months, the earlier one on a higher magnitude of 7.8 that killed around 700 people. reported that the quake hit the same region as last time. Ecuador’s Geophysical Institute confirmed that the epicenter of the quake was in the northwestern coastal province of Esmeraldas, which is close to the Colombia border.

The United States Geological Survey has claimed the quake measured 6.8, which was followed by a 6.7 magnitude aftershock. The tremors caused electricity cuts in some coastal areas, causing people to leave their homes and run into the streets until they reach Quito, according to Reuters. President Rafael Correa reacted and responded to the incident. He said that the epicenter of the first one was located at Mompiche, the fishing village on the Pacific coast.

The president claimed the Ecuador quake caused minor injuries as people immediately ran out of their buildings. The quake killed one person. “We lament the death, which was caused either directly or indirectly by the earthquake, of a senior citizen in the city of Tosagua,” Correa said while addressing the incident in the coastal province of Manabi.

The damage and deaths caused by this calamity were much less than the aftermath of the Ecuador quake in April. There was no tsunami warning to the nation. The US Geological Survey stated the second quake tremor struck before midday.

“We were scared, we left the building because it started moving,” Quito’s municipal employee Pilar Guacho said. “We were worried about my daughter because we couldn’t make phone calls. We’re tense and worried about this situation.”

Classes were cancelled and schools declared a holiday in both Manabi and Esmeraldas provinces, the president confirmed.