Donald Trump was branded “unchristian” by Pope Francis for his immigration agenda. Feeling bad, Trump made a negative attack on the religious leader.

Trump, who is a Republican presidential candidate, previously stated that he plans to put a barrier between Mexico and United States of America, when elected. This agenda made Pope Francis say that Trump is not being a Christian if he chooses to pursue his plans.

Pope Francis’ statement triggered Trump to make a comment about the Pope, saying that he is unbelievable and disgraceful, Hollywood Reporter reported.

Trump’s political advisers are hopeful that the statement he gave about the Pope will not affect his candidacy, but many Catholics have shown resentful over the issue, NY Times reported.  Trump, on the other hand, is confident that he will still have a number of Catholic voters as he feels that he is loved by many of the church’s members.

However, in a later interview, the GOP candidate has mellowed his tone and gave a statement that he is not attacking the Pope personally; he likes the personality of the Pope. He then added that there must have been a misleading information coming from the people surrounding him.  And that the Mexican Government has most probably blinded the Pontiff.

Governor Jeb Bush supports the Republican presidential candidate’s statement and reiterates by saying he does not question someone else’s faith since he believes that religion is a bond between a person and God.

Since the campaign started, Donald Trump has been into a number of controversies. One of the most striking is his recent revelation that he has never asked forgiveness from God, pointing out the message to the Pope.  The billionaire is popular for his vulgar language.  Voters are already aware of this facet of his personality, using blunt language most of the time.

Politicians have avoided rebuking the Vatican because Catholic voters may alienate them. However, Donald Trump is continuously showing his aggressiveness regardless of who gets the bad word.