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Donald Trump’s Secret Unveiled: Top Interesting Facts Revealed By His Butler of 30 Years

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For so long, the world has known Republican frontrunner Donald Trump in a certain way. However, his butler of 30 years revealed some personal habits of the billionaire so that the world gets a better understanding of the real person within him.

Anthony Senecal revealed that the billionaire business tycoon sleeps for only four hours at night and that his mood can be known from the colour of the cap he is wearing. Swimming is not at all a favourite activity for the presidential hopeful. Meanwhile, he likes his steak very well done.

Senecal’s disclosure of  Trump’s way of life when he is at his Florida mansion brought another side of him to public notice.

“You can always tell when the king is here,” the New York Times quoted the 74-year-old Senecal as saying.

Senecal has been a close witness to the ups and downs of Trump’s life for a long time. He worked at the Mar-a-Lago estate for 60 years and for Trump for the past 30 years. He understands his preferences, like the fact that the master of the house prefers to do his own hair despite having a private salon on the premises.

The 74-year-old aide knows how to lift his spirits and manoeuvre his ego. Not many would know that Trump loves to drive down to his nearby golf course on Sundays, alternating every year between his black Bentley and white Bentley.

To Trump, Senecal cannot have a substitute. So when he tried to retire in 2009, he was told by Trump, “Tony, to retire is to expire. I’ll see you in next season.” Thus, he was let go of his butler duties but was retained as an unofficial historian at Mar-a-Lago.

Senecal also revealed that Trump bought the mansion from Marjorie Merriweather Post, a cereal heiress, for US$10 million (AU$13.16 million). When she died, the property was left to the US government with hopes that it would be converted into a presidential retreat. However, it was later returned to Post’s daughters as the upkeep was very expensive. She then sold it to Trump, the Business Insider reported. In 1995, he turned it into a private club.

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