Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump on Wednesday released a list bearing the names of 11 Supreme Court nominees who will be consulted while choosing a successor to late Antonin Scalia in the US Supreme Court if Trump is elected. The list contains the names of eight men and three women, all of whom are conservative and white.

Of the 11 judges, six were appointed to the federal appeals courts across the country by former President George W. Bush. The rest of the five judges serves the various state supreme courts. There are currently four conservative and four liberal judges and this balance could be disturbed as a result of appointing Scalia’s replacement.

“We’re going to choose from, most likely from this list,” Trump said in an interview with Fox News as quoted by Reuters. However, he said that he can also choose to deviate from the list, adding, “At a minimum we will keep people within this general realm.”

The 11 Supreme Court nominees listed by Trump are affiliated with the Federalist Society according to the influential conservative legal group’s website.

It is not usual for a presidential candidate to release the names of Supreme Court judges or cabinet members before being elected. But Trump intended to assure the conservatives in his own party that a liberal or a moderate will not be appointed to the court if he is elected. Trump said in a statement that the list is a “representative of the constitutional principles I value and, as president, I plan to use this list as a guide to nominate our next United States Supreme Court justices.”

The New York Times reported that Trump’s campaign did not specify how the list was created. But the real estate magnate previously mentioned that he is seeking guidance from conservative groups like the Federalist Society and the Heritage Foundation to prepare the list.

According to another New York Times report, the Supreme Court nominees on Trump’s list are:

  • Steven M. Colloton, Iowa
  • Allison H. Eid, Colorado
  • Raymond W. Gruender, Missouri
  • Thomas M. Hardiman, Pennsylvania
  • Raymond M. Kethledge, Michigan
  • Joan L. Larsen, Michigan
  • Thomas R. Lee, Utah
  • William H. Pryor Jr., Alabama
  • David R. Stras, Minnesota
  • Diane S. Sykes, Wisconsin
  • Don R. Willett, Texas