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Donald Trump is a Loser: Jeb Bush


“Donald Trump, you’re the loser,” Jeb Bush slammed his Republican rival in New Hampshire on Sunday. Bush said any man who called an American PoW a lower is a loser himself.

The former Florida governor criticised Trump for making fun of the disabled. Anyone who partakes of such does not deserve to be the president of the United States, he said.

“It’s a sign of real weakness when you call John McCain or Leo Thorsness or anybody else that is a POW, who served this country in a way that should be admired, American heroes. Calling them losers? Donald Trump, you’re the loser,” CNN quoted him as saying.

Bush also defended his brother, former US President George W. Bush. He said he was sick of US President Barack Obama blaming his brother.

“On Day One, I will not blame Barack Obama for anything,” Bush said. “I got sick and tired of hearing him blame my brother and I will never do it to him.”

Bush was earlier involved in a heated conversation with the GOP front-runner during the Republican presidential debate on Saturday. Trump said it was an “impossibility” for Bush to become the next president.

However,  Bush is not the only one to call Trump a loser. Former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu called him so after the real estate mogul had called him a “loser” as well. Sununu, who was the former chief of staff for the then President George H.W. Bush, said Trump was “thin-skinned.”

The 76-year-old politician said Trump had been a “loser all his life.”

“He’s had four big bankruptcies. Trump Airlines went bankrupt, Trump Magazines shut down, Trump Steaks went out of business, and when he was the owner of New Jersey Generals, they also went out business. This guy has a history of failure and losing. He’s a perpetual loser,” he told ABC News.

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