According to an adviser to GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, UK Prime Minister David Cameron should apologise for his remarks on Trump.

George Papadopoulos, Trump’s adviser, said that the prime minister should try to “reach out in a more positive manner” to Trump.

In December, Cameron described Trump as “divisive, stupid and wrong” during a debate on a petition that sought to ban him from the UK. The petition was raised after the US presidential hopeful called for a total shutdown of the US borders to the Muslims across the world.

Cameron told the House of Commons that while he opposed a travel ban on Trump, he thought “his remarks are divisive, stupid and wrong.” He added, “If he came to visit our country I think he would unite us all against him.”

Trump’s adviser Papadopoulos said that an invitation from the UK would be a great show of unity.

“First, we need an invitation. Of course, if the United Kingdom extended an invitation it would be a tremendous show of unity and a wonderful spectacle,” The Telegraph quoted him as saying. “That invitation has not yet been extended … but if it is it would be received in a positive way.”

When asked if Trump would forgive Cameron for the comments, he said, “I can’t speak directly for him but it would seem that if Prime Minister Cameron is serious about reaching out, not only to Mr. Trump’s advisers but to the man himself, an apology or some sort of retraction should happen.” Papadopoulos added that for Cameron to be the most vocal opponent was an unexpected turn.

“Considering that we believe that the UK-US relationship should be a cornerstone, not just of NATO policy but elsewhere, it would be wise for him to reach out in a more positive manner to Mr. Trump,” he said.

In April, PM David Cameron had ordered his diplomats to reach out to Trump to mend the damages caused by the remarks in case he manages to win the race to the White House, Mail Online reported.