GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s rising popularity and his stance on immigration led Mexico to reshuffle its topmost diplomats in the US. The country also adopted a new strategy to bolster its image before the rest of the world.

Mexico was quiet all the time Trump was attacking it, calling the Mexican border crossers rapists and drug runners. Recently, Trump said he would force the Mexican government to pay for a border wall by cutting off money transfers by the Mexicans in the US to their families back home.

As a result of the mounting pressure from its people, Mexico decided to protect the image of its countrymen in the US by implementing a new strategy.

“In recent months, we have seen a growing anti-immigrant discourse in general, anti-Mexican in particular, and not exclusively from Donald Trump,” the Washington Post quoted a Mexican official who was not authorised to speak publicly on this issue, as saying. “This set off our fear that it would damage the image of Mexico in the United States.”

Mexico replaced its ambassador in Washington with a career diplomat and placed a key operative with an astuteness in public relations in one of its foreign ministry’s highest-profile jobs.

“This is just the most visible element of a strategy that will involve not just the foreign ministry, but also other ministries,” quoted Ana Paola Barbosa, the chief of staff to Mexican Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu, as saying. She, however, did not provide any details of the plan.

The US is one of the biggest trading partners of Mexico while millions of its countrymen live in the US. The Mexican government is concerned that wider anti-Mexican sentiments can hamper bilateral trades between the countries and also the tourism industry of Mexico. It may also lead to disparaging US policies in the future.