‘Doctor Who’ Season 9 Release Date & Spoilers: Series 10 Cancelled?


Fans may have to savor the upcoming season nine of “Doctor Who” in the wake of reports that there will be no season 10 in 2016.

Several sites cited a Private Eye report which claimed there will be no full series of “Doctor Who” next year though there might be a series of “Specials.”

Private Eye, a British satirical magazine, reported that “Doctor Who” showrunner Steven Moffat would be busy with other shows such as “Sherlock” which may mean there will be no next season for “Doctor Who,” io9.com wrote. The BBC staff have allegedly been informed recently about the development, it added.

The Private Eye’s report also alleges that the decision comes from an ongoing conflict between Moffat and BBC, Bleeding Cool said. It added Moffat has been under pressure from the network to step down from “Doctor Who” and rather commit his time to the hit drama series “Sherlock.”

Movie Pilot noted that the reports could be true considering the current cuts to BBC funding.

Private Eye has a proven track record of “Doctor Who” rumors, io9.com noted. It said the satirical magazine previously reported the departure of the show’s former producers and its previous scheduling decisions. The magazine was also the first to report that there would be a cut in the number of episodes in 2012-2013, CultBox added.

BBC has confirmed “Doctor Who” Season 10 but has yet to announce when it will be released, CultBox added.

BBC told CultBox, “it’s too early to confirm the schedule for future series at this point.”

“Doctor Who” has been filming since January for the ninth season. The next season of the BBC hit sci-fi drama is set to air on Sept. 19.

Meanwhile, “Sherlock” season four was originally set for shooting later this year but according to CultBox, it is now due to begin filming next spring.

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