Whovians received an early holiday with the recent drop of a preview for the Doctor Who 2016 Christmas Special.

Before the premiere of Doctor Who Season 10 in April 2017, fans already anticipate the Time Lord’s annual holiday show. Spoilers provided by no less than showrunner Steven Moffat hinted that Nardole played by Matt Lucas would be back for the Doctor Who 2016 Christmas Special. He will play a critical role in the episode acting as the Doctor’s companion to some extent. However, this is only temporary as Bill played by Pearl Mackie debuts next year.

Aside from Nardole, the Christmas special also boasts of a mysterious superhero joining the twelfth Time Lord for the holidays. Actor Justin Chatwin, best known for his role as the son of Tom Cruise in War of the Worlds, take on the role. Earlier, it was unknown if his character would be a friend or foe to the Doctor. Peter Capaldi’s words during the BBC America’s New York Comic Con panel last Friday would suggest he is a friend.

“What we’ve sort of made here is a new ironic, goodhearted superhero movie… which hopefully they’ll want to repeat every year. As long as I get a cut of it,” Capaldi revealed. As it turns out, showrunner Steven Moffat is a fan of Superman. Hence, his likely influence to create his own superhero character for the Doctor Who 2016 Christmas Special. According to TV Line, Grant, the superhero character played by Chatwin, would emulate the Man of Steel. A first look at the holiday offering of the long-running sci-fi series revealed a number of interesting details as well.

A Sneak Peek at Doctor Who 2016 Christmas Special

The episode titled The Return of Doctor Mysterio would appear to have a location in New York. This is based on the card held up by Nardole (Matt Lucas) as shown in the footage. @time_soulmates surmised the Doctor traveled back in time to help the young Grant.