It might be peculiar but players can now use their eye to tag enemies as well as other directional related functions in Tom Clancy’s “The Division”.

Thanks to Tobii Eyetracking, it is now possible to execute certain functions in the third person shooter game by merely staring at them. According to EnGadget, the Swedish technology company that specializes on eye control products worked together with Ubisoft in order to make the eye tracking device compatible with the game.

Players will be able to aim and tag an enemy for allies as well as take cover in hiding spots by merely staring at an object in the game or at a certain point in the screen. This feature promises better collaboration between the user and his team which results to more successful missions.

The visual tagging is more reliable and accurate than what voice chat can offer. Telling team mates which to target first is currently done by ordering them through a coordinated call.

Aside from taking cover and targeting enemies, it is also possible for players to get better coverage by merely looking at the edges of the screen thanks to eye tracking integration. Additionally, the user interface will display less details which makes for a clean and minimalistic view. This allows the player to focus on more important aspects of the game.

Using the eyes is certainly on point since The Division is a third person shooter game that requires a lot of taking cover.

As reported in VentureBeat, the Ubisoft game is set in a razed New York City where gangs have conquered the streets and the players are given the mission to eliminate the thug threat. The shooter game involves clearing an area then moving on to the next by taking cover. All these can be done with the use of a mouse, a controller and, recently, an eye tracker.