‘The Division’ Endgame Screen Revealed! What’s Out There When Game is Over?

The Division

A player has just defeated the final boss in “Tom Clancy’s The Division” and revealed what’s in store after gamers beat the main mission.

Erick Tay, GameSpot producer who was able to finish the endgame of “The Division”, took a screenshot and posted it in an article. It appears that the game’s story progresses in a way that paves for possible continuation. It is also shown that the Dark Zone, an area where the best loots are and where PvP happens, still needs to be cleared up.

Aside from the Main Story and Dark Zone, people should get to maximum level of 30 in order to gain access to Daily Missions. Three of which are being offered per day to keep them busy for the meantime while waiting for fresh content.

Speaking of additional content, Ubisoft released a new video about what they have planned for “The Division” players for 2016. According to Hardcore Gamer, the updates are in the form of Incursions or missions of high difficulty and will require the players to complete it with a squad. These incursions offer worthy rewards and challenging experience to keep them on their toes.

The first incursion will occur in April and the second one will come in May. For the May content, Conflict mode was revealed for the Dark Zone and the incursion takes place in the Columbus Circle. Players may opt to use eye tracking systems in order to make their incursions less difficult.

The expansions will begin in June where players will explore the Underground of New York. The next expansion to follow is Survival which will turn up sometime in Summer. Interestingly, the summer update is when gamers are offered the choice to go rogue. Finally, the third expansion called Last Stand will be launched in Winter season.

Tom Clancy’s The Division has just been released last March 8 and is considered one of the many highly anticipated games in 2016.

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