It seems more trouble is brewing for the Divergent Ascendant movie. Aside from the move to television, it appears that cast retention is also a problem.

This possibility was first relayed by The Hollywood Reporter. According to sources, actors attached to the project were not properly informed of the sudden move. In addition, majority of the talents associated with the film had their contracts specific to a theatrical engagement. Hence, negotiations on the matter would be complicated.

With proper talks, the Divergent Ascendant movie can still push through with the cast intact. However, it can’t be dismissed that members of the cast are now big names on Hollywood, and it would be easy to turn down the fourth movie.

In case the worst happens, we imagine potential actors who can take over the roles of Divergent Ascendant.

Divergent Ascendant movie: Changed Cast scenario

1. Danielle Campbell as Tris Prior

Known for her role as Davina Clare in The Originals, Danielle Campbell proved that she can play a tough character despite appearing vulnerable.

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2. Dominic Sherwood as Tobias “Four” Eaton

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Playing Jace Wayland in Shadowhunters, Dominic Sherwood can also replicate his mysterious and brooding portrayal of Four.

3. Annie Wersching as Evelyn

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While her recent stint as Lily Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries projected her as a bad mother, Wersching’s talents can transform her into an effective leader of the factionless.

4. Robbie Kay as Peter Hayes

Meanwhile, Robbie Kay’s portrayal of an evil Peter Pan convinces us that he’s effective as an antagonist.

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5. Elizabeth Lail as Kristina

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Also, sweet yet no-nonsense Anna in Once Upon a Time, Dead of Summer‘s Elizebeth Lail is a good fit for a lending hand to the film’s protagonist.

6. John Karna as Caleb Prior

Finally, effectively playing the geeky Noah Foster in MTV’s Scream, John Karna won’t have a hard time transforming as Erudite’s Caleb Prior. However, he should twist his nice guy image a bit to portray Tris’ sibling.

Still, note that this list is far-fetched. Time will tell how the Divergent Ascendant movie shapes up. Stay tuned for more news on the final installment of the Divergent series.