The plans for Divergent Ascendant remain on course, although it seems headed for the small screen instead.

Rumors about the cancellation of Divergent Ascendant came out early on prior to the premiere of Divergent Allegiant. The departure of Robert Schwentke from the director’s seat of the franchise prompted those speculations. However, the assignment of Lee Toland Krieger to helm of the fourth and final film quickly allayed fears.

Hence, it seemed production would be on track for Divergent Ascendant to meet its June 9 release date. However, recent developments brought up earlier concerns about the movie’s fate. The third film’s poor performance reportedly led to a budget cut for the fourth installment. This was despite the fact that Ascendant would come up against other big productions like The Mummy and World War Z 2 in 2017. At the time, critics considered the decision to extend Veronica Roth’s trilogy by splitting the third book into two films as the problem. However, the biggest blow to the franchise was yet to come.

According to Variety, Lionsgate studio intends to close the series on the small screen with a Divergent Ascendant TV movie. As it turns out, the dismal box office returns of the third movie led the studio to reconsider its strategy. Discussions are still in the early stages. However, the plan is to wrap up storylines. It would still involve the current cast but also bring in new players. However, it remains unknown if Shailene Woodley, Theo James or Ansel Elgort would agree to take part in a TV movie, the publication noted. This would likely include Krieger, who signed up for the film.

The introduction of a new cast would segue to a TV series for the Divergent franchise. Lionsgate Television Group will carry out the production on the small screen. To date, the studio has yet to throw the pitch at networks.