‘Divergent Allegiant’ New Trailer Shows Mars? 6 Secrets Revealed


“Divergent: Allegiant” fans should be excited because a new trailer has been released online. According to some rumors, planet “Mars” was revealed in the preview along with its secrets. Read on to find out.

In a previous article, Part 1 and Part 2 titles have been changed to “The Divergent Series: Allegiant” and “The Divergent Series: Ascendant” respectively. While this could shed some light for the hopeful fans, author Veronica Roth is still mum about the demand to let Tris live in the end.

This time, Access Hollywood reported that the film’s teaser somewhat revealed a setting similar to Mars.

“In the latest from the Shailene Woodley-fronted series, the world beyond the wall will be revealed and it’s looking a lot like Mars (red landscapes, eerie red water?!), but Tris and her band of rebels just may find a way to save what’s left of the world in the red wasteland,” the site described.

Aside from that, here are 6 “Divergent: Allegiant” secrets revealed in the trailer, as Slash Film noted.

1. Shailene Woodley, also known as Tris, got a haircut, and the site believed that she became cuter than before.

2. Theo James, who plays Four, unveiled his action “chops.”

3. The world outside the post apocalyptic Chicago “seems to be a ruined wasteland.”

4. There is a fifth type of person called “the Divergents,” notes MTV News.

5. Tris will find out that she is one of the “Divergents” and holds a big key in unlocking a secret.

6. Actor Jeff Daniels will be featured as a new character in the movie as David, Slash Film cited.

The synopsis reads as:

“The third installment of the blockbuster Divergent series franchise, ALLEGIANT takes Tris [Shailene Woodley] and Four [Theo James] into a new world, far more dangerous than ever before.”

Stay tuned for more “Divergent: Allegiant” news. Meanwhile, watch the trailer below:

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