“Divergent Allegiant” hits theatres on March 18. Many feared the movie premiere’s postponement had something to do with Robert Schwentke’s departure. However, the studio was quick to put fans at ease and assured that the showing would push through.

In fact, a teaser for the movie released earlier showed what many hoped to see for so long, Tris and Four’s intense kiss.

Anticipation over “Divergent Allegiant” is on the rise. Hence, the web is flooded with information and spoilers about it.

Moviefone served up some details that fans should know about the movie.

Though “Divergent Allegiant” covers the last book of Veronica Roth’s trilogy, it only covers half of it. The movie for the second half will come out in June 2017. Newcomer Lee Toland Krieger will direct the film, Moviefone reported.

According to the website, the love story of Tris and Four is tested. “Divergent Allegiant” welcomes Bureau employees, Matthew (played by Bill Skarsgaard) and Nita (played by Nadia Hiker).

Similar to the characters in the book, both are attractive. Each teams up with Tris and Four, respectively. Hence, it casts some doubt on the two’s relationship.

However, Moviefone is quick to point out that the chances of cheating are null as evidenced by the book’s storyline.

Bustle released what could be the biggest spoiler of all time. Tori dies. According to the website, Tori (played by Maggie Q) is shot and killed in the movie.

In “Divergent Allegiant”, Tris and Four allow Caleb to escape Bustle added. Caleb Prior (played by Ansel Elgort) is her older brother. For his betrayal, he was sentenced to execution.

The Californian revealed the funniest and saddest tidbits about it. The website told viewers to watch out for a character who screams “Gadzooks!” The website noted the silly line isn’t the only thing wrong with the upcoming movie.

The website also observed the bland romance between its main characters. It noted the lack of chemistry between the two.