‘Divergent: Allegiant’ Alternate Ending Revealed? Four & Tris in the End?


Fans and moviegoers seem to get more curious about the ending of “Divergent: Allegiant Part 1.” Speculations about an alternate finale are now circulating on the internet once again.

Warning: this article might contain spoilers.

For those who already read the book, Tris and Four’s tragic love story is expected. Tris will sacrifice herself in the end and would eventually die. However, for the film watchers who would want to see Tris alive might be Veronica Roth’s reason to offer a different angle.

previous report stated that the author might consider the idea. But updates from Digital Spy reveal Shailene Woodley (also known as Tris) thinks the original ending is best for the film and agrees with Roth’s decision to keep the original story.

“I think that it’s a beautiful decision that Veronica made. I mean, how often is it that somebody you really admire and who does take selfless risks every day ends up living,” she explained, as we quote from ChinaTopix.

It is not just Tris but Theo James, who plays Four Eaton in the film, added that keeping the original ending would be essential and “natural.”

“Tris’ character is, it’s all about self-sacrifice – It would be strange if you just saw Four and her in the end like smoking cigars and hanging out with their kids and their dog,” he said.

As for the on-screen couple, Theo and Shailene obviously have on screen chemistry. However, rumor has it that the two main characters are also developing an off-screen relationship. Is there any truth to this?

Absolutely none, but both of them undeniably enjoy each other’s company, according to Realty Today. The source said that James thought of Woodley as “a much better person,” while Woodley said that it was comfortable working with James.

“Divergent: Allegiant Part 1” kicks off in theaters on March 18, 2016.

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