Rescue teams searched for the alligator attack victim and killed four alligators during the operation before they finally recovered the toddler’s body.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission confirmed that it had “euthanized” four alligators in the Seven Seas Lagoon in Orlando. Mirror UK reported that the bodies of the alligators were inspected properly but there was no indication of their involvement in the attack on a two-year-old boy on Tuesday. Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings confirmed that the body of the toddler has been recovered in the water near the Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa after 15 hours of search in the lagoon.

The identities of the people involved have been revealed.  The toddler was Lane Graves who came for a vacation with parents, Matt and Melissa Graves, and his two siblings from Nebraska.

Demings revealed that the two-year-old boy’s body was “completely intact” when it was found at the site.  It seemed to officials that the alligator drowned him into the water. According to, the body will be taken by Orange County officers for an autopsy.

Earlier reports have indicated how strongly the father battled with the alligator to rescue his child but failed. The eyewitnesses revealed that the toddler’s mother was playing with him when the alligator attacked. She also dived into the water.  “The parents diligently tried to get the child,” Demings said based on the statements gathered from the eyewitnesses.

Meanwhile, the commission’s executive director Nick Wiley addressed a press conference and called the incident “extremely rare.”  “It’s very surprising, it’s an extremely rare occurrence in anywhere you have alligators, but we do ask people to be mindful that we do have alligators in the water in Florida and you have to be careful,” Wiley said. “But it’s very rare and it really is a shock to us to see this happen.” He added that the authorities were working on the issue to ensure prevention of another attack in the Florida waters.