Rookie Dion Jordan is on his way back to the football field.

He had his first season playing for the Miami Dolphins before being banned by NFL after a failed drug test. That was in December 2014. It triggered his ban, which started in April 2015. The No 3 overall draft pick of 2013 suddenly found himself barred from the football field for a year.

During his first year, he missed games after testing positive for MDMA (ecstasy) and marijuana. However, the incident that garnered him a ban was when he gave a diluted urine sample, trying to erase the evidence of alcohol still in his system.

Even though he comes from a household where drug addiction is a problem, Jordan said he himself had never succumbed to drugs. Nonetheless, the novelty of fame led Jordan to join the celebratory wave and get caught in the tide.

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Meanwhile, several issues hounded the young athlete which he tried to solve on his own.

“But I tried to do a lot of things on my own and found myself just (messing up). I was scared and I shouldn’t have been scared. I had nothing to be scared of,” Dion Jordan told USA Today.

After his ban, Jordan sought the help of Empower founder Tareq Azim. His program involves “maximizing humanity” and dealing with the fears sports athletes struggle with in their respective sports.

It seems the program has done wonders for Dion Jordan. NFL reports the rookie has already shed weight and is maintaining 270 pounds.

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However, the hurdle to overcoming his ban is just starting.

“And it’s weird, but I feel like it’s a blessing for me at this point in time to think about it, instead of waiting ’til they really tell me I can’t play football no more,” Jordan reflects.

On Wednesday, he will file for reinstatement in the NFL and in his home team, the Miami Dolphins.