Multiplayer gamers are getting ready for the upcoming release of Destiny Rise of Iron, the latest expansion to the popular game. The expansion is set to come out in late September, but fans of the open world, sci-fi shooter game can already prepare for new environments, enemies and other updates.

Just like in the real world, it helps to save up on money. The form of currency accepted in Destiny Rise of Iron isn’t cash and credit cards. Players need to stock up on Legendary Marks and Glimmer in order to be ready to level up their equipment and make sure that they have reserve ammo. Getting battle gear ready for the new enemies in the expansion will be crucial for maximum firepower.

Speaking of getting ready for new gear, Digital Trends also recommends clearing out some space for the new items that are to be gained. Expansions usually come with a lot of new items to acquire, and it helps to be ready with some extra space.

IGN has also revealed that the Rise of Iron expansion will include the ability to set up private matches. This allows “players to create their own custom matches where they can pick the map, game mode and tweak certain modifiers like the ability to turn light level on or off.” It also makes way for groups of friends to create fun competitions among themselves or give bigger companies a chance to stage big events featuring competitions with a prize fund.

Current Destiny players can already try their hand at private matches. This upgrade has been made available even before the expansion has been released. Therefore, this feature can be enjoyed by current players in order to acquaint themselves with what’s to come.

Destiny Rise of Iron is set to be released on Sept. 20 for XBox One and PlayStation 4.