The Descendants of the Sun fever is far from over. Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo are still making a huge buzz all across Asia.

In South Korea, it was revealed that the names of the characters Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo played in Descendants of the Sun are poised to become popular names for newborns.

According to Asia Times, the current most popular name for baby girls is inspired by Bae Suzy’s character in the drama series Architecture 101, Seo Yeon.

While newer names are making their way up the list, a few ones have been keeping their charm for decades. The names Jung-hoon and Eun-joo gained popularity in the 70s while Ji-hoon and Ji-hye were widely used in the 80s. Ji-hoon and Yoo-jin trended in the 90s.

Drama series affects everyday South Korean life so much that parents oftentimes name their babies after the TV show characters they like. Hence, Si-jin is expected to become a popular name in the coming years, having been the name of Song Joong-ki’s character in Descendants of the Sun. Alternatively, baby girls are expected to be named Mo-yeon after Song Hye-kyo’s character.

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Meanwhile, Song Joong-ki is drawing large crowds in his shows around Asia. The 31-year-old actor wowed fans in China with his proficient Chinese-speaking ability.

Allkpop reported that Song Joong-ki learned how to speak fluent Chinese from his brother, who studied in Beijing for eight years.

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During a press conference with the Chinese media, Song Joong-ki shared that he did not expect Descendants of the Sun to become a hit sensation across Asia. He also revealed that he’s already feeling a lot of pressure for his future projects since Descendants of the Sun is a tough act to follow.