NBA star Derrick Rose is busy spending his off-season in the courtroom. He recently stood trial for an alleged rape case by a former lover. In his latest statements, he said that he suspected that she would set him up almost as soon as the sexual encounter took place.

If there is one thing that’s certain in the Derrick Rose rape case, it’s that the basketball player and two of his friends had sexual relations with a woman identified only as Jane Doe. The incident took place way back in August 27, 2013, in the woman’s Los Angeles apartment.

The big difference is, the woman claims that she was intoxicated and unconscious when the sexual encounter happened. Rose and his co-defendants Ryan Allen and Randall Hampton all claim that the woman gave her consent and was happily participating as they took turns with her.

“It looked like a setup,” Rose said. “It turned out to be what I thought.”

In hindsight, CBS reports that Rose had an idea that she was going to set him up. He had his suspicions the next day, after she started texting him about how she claims she was so intoxicated the night before. She has now sued the New York Knicks star and her friends for US$ 21.5 million in damages.

As part of his testimony, Rose recalled how the woman sent him a racy photo of herself on the morning of Aug. 26. She later told him that she was feeling horny. This led them to agree that they would meet that evening.

After partying together at Rose’s rented Beverly Hills House, the woman went home with her friend. She later asked Rose to come to her apartment via text message. He arrived with his two friends and they all claim that she asked them to have sex with her “one at a time.”

When asked about why he took his used condom with him instead of flushing it down the toilet, The Daily Beast shares that Rose had an unusual statement. “This girl wasn’t someone I was going to introduce to my family or my mom… No way I was going to leave a condom anywhere around her apartment. I was trained to do it,” he said.

Rose revealed that the NBA teaches rookies to be careful with their condoms and to take it with them if they can’t flush it. He said that this had nothing to do with trying to destroy evidence.

Rose’s lawyers are reportedly calling for a mistrial due to the exclusion of some of the woman’s text messages in the folio of evidence presented to the jury. It remains to be seen if the trial will extend into the NBA regular season.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Derrick Rose rape case.

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