Derrick Rose Injured Again; Out for the NBA 2015 Season?


Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls is plagued with another injury, suffering from a severe orbital fracture as a result of an anonymous elbow landing on his face during a practice match on Tuesday.

According to the Bleacher Report, the 26-year-old point guard sustained a fracture on the left side of his face and will be required to undergo a surgery. His return schedule will be decided after the reported surgery.

Rose had to undergo a second knee operation previously which compelled him to miss around 31 games in the last season. CBS sports mentioned that in such cases of facial injuries, the player has to stay off court for at least six games and might need to wear a mask in order to prevent his face from further damage until complete recovery.

Although Chicago Tribune has spoken about his early return in the match against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Oct 27, the Bulls will indeed miss their finest point guard in the next few games because the other substitutes are far away from matching his stature and potential.

Rose is prone to injuries and has been out of the game for quite many occasions and this injury might be considered as one of his lesser injuries according to the site.

The culprit elbow that hit Derrick on the face is still not clear as it was hardly noticed, being a practice match.

Taj Gibson, one of the victim’s teammates said “He got a little elbow. We don’t know the severity of it, but hopefully he’ll be fine. I know he’s tough, but it was one of those plays, especially in practice, where everybody’s going hard.”

Gibson added, “I don’t know [who got him]. It might have been me. It was just one of those plays where everybody’s going so hard, and it’s real physical out there. Hopefully he’ll be OK.”


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