Google on Android may have stored all the queries on its servers, but it can be deleted by us. Generally, Google on Android uses voice recordings to enhance its language recognition feature and improve the quality of the search engine.

This means that the company has stored all your searches archived them somewhere else. It offers a special page where you can see all the information that you used, which you can then remove from the list forever.

Users can simply go to Google’s history page and have a look at all the recordings that made it into the list. It has two pages, where one is for audio searches and the other is for Web activity. The latter page has almost everything Google on Android knows about things you’ve done on the internet.

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Almost a year ago, a new system went live, wherein the search engine company collated several instances that users used its capabilities.

Android users should be careful of the words they use on their phones and remember that just by saying “OK, Google,” it goes on a record mode, notes Tech Times.

Google on Android page on your phone allows you to listen to all your recordings along with the transcript of the recordings. This would let you know how the sound was captured and determine whether it was through the Google app or some other way.

If you decide to delete particular files, you can simply check the box to the left of the file and select delete option at the top of the page. To delete all your recordings, you can select the More button and go to Delete Options, click on Advanced, and later click through.

It is worth noting that as soon as you say “OK, Google” again, it begins new recordings.

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In October last year, Google removed the “OK, Google” feature from the desktop version of Chrome. It was later reasoned that only a few users use the audio activation to begin a voice search.