‘Deadpool’ Trailer at Comic Con 2015 Leaked! Watch Epic R-Rated Preview


After 11 years of waiting, the Marvel superhero Wade Wilson a.k.a “Deadpool” finally made it to the big screen as the “Deadpool” trailer debuted at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con last Saturday.

“Deadpool” cast, led by Ryan Reynolds and director Tim Miller, made a surprise appearance at the annual convention.

The crowd at the Hall H went crazy upon watching the “R-Rated” preview of the movie. According to New York Daily News, “Deadpool” stole the show from “X-Men: Apocalypse” and had an “uproarious standing ovation”, that even “Batman vs. Superman” was not able to surpass.

An exclusive R-rated trailer of the film — packed with curses, blood and violence — was released to the Comic Con audience. While the preview has not been released to the public, a leaked version of the epic trailer has made its way to the Internet.

“One year ago, some a–hole leaked that footage. You guys made the studio do this; you bent their arms behind their backs,”  Reynolds said, referring to how Twentieth Century Fox finally decided to revisit the project and finish the movie.

“(Deadpool) inhabits a space in the comic universe that no one else will inhabit. It’s an absolute miracle that a studio let us make Deadpool — let alone a rated-R Deadpool”.

The Daily Beast notes that “Deadpool” will be the first Marvel movie to receive an R rating since Wesley Snipes’ “Blade” in 1998.

Aside from the interesting rating, Reynolds also reveals that the movie is one of the “most faithful” movie adaptations of a comic book.

“I’ve only ever done one other proper—actually not proper—superhero movie,” the actor said, seemingly making fun of his former marvel character, The Green Lantern.

Marvel’s “Deadpool” is set to hit cinemas on February 12, 2016.

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