‘Deadpool’ Movie Details, Cast & Spoilers – Everything You Need to Know!

Australia Day

Finally, the wait is over. “Deadpool” is coming in theatres on Friday (Feb 12).

Before you head on cinema to watch this Marvel superhero movie, let us arm you with some information about the film.


You will be seeing Ryan Reynolds portray Wade Wilson, a.k.a. Deadpool, in a red skintight suit. Also in the cast are T.J. Miller, Morena Baccarin and Ed Skrein.


Since the Merc With the Mouth is known for his not-so kid friendly language, the movie has been given R-rating. This means there are lots of dirty jokes and some offensive language in the movie.

The flick also earns its R-rating because of violent scenes. “Deadpool” has a bit of a murderous streak, and a major urge for killing in unconventional ways, E! News noted.

China earlier announced that it banned the release of “Deadpool” in the country due to its violence, nudity and graphic language.

The Chinese reports suggest that due to the excessive graphic content of the film, it would have required lots of cuts which would’ve ruined the artistic integrity and structure of the movie.

Producer Simon Kinberg earlier admitted that Deadpool’s “sexuality” is another factor why the comic character is so popular. Although the superhero’s sexuality was not explored in depth in the movie, it was “alluded to” according to the producer.


Wilson is a former Special Forces operative who subjects himself to a rogue experiment in an attempt to cure a terminal cancer diagnosis. Unfortunately, he came out of the procedure disfigured.

Wilson then plans his revenge and hunt the man before his suffering – Ajax and as well as his henchwoman, Angel Dust

“Deadpool 2”

Kinberg has also confirmed that the idea of “Deadpool 2” has already been considered. The sequel would probably take over the now vacated June 9th, 2017 release date that Fox had previously reserved for “Fantastic Four 2.”

More details 

According to E! News, Reynolds joined the project way back in 2005, work on the script in 2009, while director Tim Miller came on board in 2011.

“Deadpool” opens in the UK on February 10 and in Australia on February 11.

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