It appears Lady Luck is going to be on Deadpool’s side since there have been speculations that Domino will be included in “Deadpool 2.”

As seen in the post-credits scene in “Deadpool,” it played on the possibility that X-Force member Cable will be included in the sequel. According to HeroicHollywood, another member of the X-Force will be joining Cable for the next Deadpool movie.

That character is none other than Cable’s partner in crime Domino, a mutant mercenary who can manipulate her luck to some extent like hitting long shots and dodging bullets or accidents in the nick of time. Like her name suggests, she has the ability to make the circumstances “fall into place” especially in her favor.

As it stands, her appearance in the sequel is still a rumour and nothing official has come out yet. But if lady luck would have it, her inclusion in Deadpool 2 is sensible if indeed the sequel is going to involve the X-Force.

It is also worthy of note that Deadpool, portrayed by Ryan Reynolds, made mention of Keira Knightley play Cable as a joke after the end credits. However, Knightley once played a bounty hunter named Domino Harvey in a 2005 film of the same name. This spells the a possibility that she will play Marvel’s Domino although nothing is yet set in stone and everything still remains to be seen.

Before Domino and Cable became members of the X-Force, they were involved in a government experiment called “Project: Armageddon” where they obtained their respective mutant abilities. The two have also become lovers for some time.

Speaking of lovers, Domino has also been in a romantic relationship with the gentle giant Colossus. This is yet another reason for her to be the perfect candidate that should be considered part of the Deadpool 2 cast.

Slashfilm pointed out that since there are quite a number of X-Force members expected to join Deadpool 2, does this imply that the sequel is going to be a prequel to an X-Force movie?