“Dead of Summer” is an approaching TV show created by Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis and Ian Goldberg for Freeform.

The series is set in the 1980s at Camp Stillwater, a Midwestern summer camp. Recently, the creator-trio has previewed their upcoming haunted series at the ATX Television Festival in Austin.  It’s been communicated that the season 1 of this eerie drama consists of 10 one-hour episodes.

Here are things that you should know before you tune in to the show.

The Inspirations:

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the team of creators talked about the real inspiration behind “Dead of Summer”.

Horowitz quotes a series of haunted dramas like “The Shining”, “Halloween”, “River’s Edge”, “Heathers”, and “Pretty in Pink” as the key musing element. “We’ve always worn our references on our sleeve,” he says. Goldberg adds, “It would be hard to not be inspired by “Friday the 13th” in terms of summer camp horror. We’re doing something different from that, but that was definitely an inspiration.”

The Originality:

However, the creators clarified that “Dead of Summer” isn’t a TV reboot of the bloody classic. “It’s not a slasher show,” says Kitsis. “It’s supernatural, so you’re going to see that the themes from their past, the things that haunt them, their demons, will literally manifest themselves on the island.”

Connection with “Lost”:

Kitsis and Horowitz penned down the script for “Lost” and rose to fame from producers all the way up to executive producers. So now the question arises, does “Dead of Summer” hold any resemblance to “Lost”? Kitsis conveyed that “Every year’s going to be a different year, so season 2 might be 1970, season 3 might be 2004,” TV Series Finale reports.

The Death Ratio of “Dead of Summer”

“Dead of Summer” won’t show characters dying left and right, similar to any horror anthology genre. Kitsis explains: “If you just start killing everybody in every episode, you will actually find yourself detached, because who wants to befriend somebody that’s only going to leave them? My favorite TV shows are the ones that, when somebody dies, it really… evokes some emotion, and that’s what the John Hughes side of the characters is for. You really get to know these characters and fall in love with them so that if they get axe-murdered, you’re going to cry.”

Horowitz concludes: “We want you to fall in love with the characters before we kill them.”

The Cast:

The “Dead of Summer “ cast includes Elizabeth Mitchell, Elizabeth Lail, Zelda Williams, Mark Indelicato, Alberto Frezza, Eli Goree, Ronen Rubinstein, Amber Coney, Paulina Singer, and Zachary Gordon.

“Dead of Summer” premieres June 28 at 9 pm ET/PT, on Freeform.