Jaden Smith is the latest casualty of the twisted death hoax report. He joined other celebrities victimized by the same con. Then again, it is likely he will not be the last.

Celebrities often become easy targets because of their fame, hence the occasional rumors reported about their careers and personal lives. Some have come to expect and accept this as part of the deal. Yet others make it a point to put things right. This is often the case for famous celebrities victimized by a death hoax report.

1. Jaden Smith

The young Smith could be the exemption to the rule. Jaden Smith has yet to address rumors of his supposed death. Perhaps it is due to his busy schedule promoting The Get Down. Then again, it could be his way of avoiding cheating rumors about his girlfriend.

2. Miley Cyrus

The singer supposedly had an accident while on her way to the set of Hannah Montana in 2008. Luckily, it was a hoax and now everyone is counting the days (weeks? or months?) until her wedding to Liam Hemsworth.

3. Tom Cruise

The Mummy reboot star is often the subject of death hoax reports. The recent rumor of his demise happened in 2013 due to a car crash Down Under.

4. Harrison Ford

The original Hans Solo became the target on the Internet in 2009 following the death of the King of Pop. According to Fox News, Harrison Ford allegedly died at sea after his yacht sunk.

5. Paris Hilton

The 2007 death hoax about the heiress reported she died in prison from a knife attack. Five years later, she became a car crash victim.

6. Charlie Sheen

The actor was a victim twice for the same cause of death due to a snowboarding accident.

7. Jackie Chan

The martial arts mentor of Jaden Smith also fell victim to a death hoax. Actually, it has happened to him more than once over the years. The recent report wrote he died in a car accident in Queensland, according to Kotaku. However, Jackie Chan is alive and well. Moreover, he is busy filming in Australia for his new movie Bleeding Steel. In 2013, he posted a picture of himself on FB to deny the claims.