Thursday, September 29, 2016

David Icke In Sydney: His Biggest & Weirdest Conspiracy Theories [WATCH]

David Icke In Sydney: His Biggest & Weirdest Conspiracy Theories [WATCH]

Facebook/David Icke


David Icke proposed some of the biggest conspiracy theories to date. His World Wide Wake Up Tour is currently in Australia for a series of 12-hour seminars that cost AU$140 a seat.

Conspiracy theorist David Icke appeared on The Today Show for a promotion of his tour. However, it soon turned into a word war with the hosts Karla and Lisa. Their attempt to discuss some of his more controversial theories did not seem to sit well with their guest, reported. Eventually, time for the interview ran out and apparently so did Icke’s patience with the hosts. Although Lisa Wilkinson surmised he might up end selling more tickets for his tour after his unforgettable interview.

“Let’s just say he walked out of here not a happy camper. I said, ‘David, you’ll sell a lot of tickets off that,’ and he… well, I won’t repeat what he said,” Wilkinson revealed later in the show to her colleagues and viewers.
The British former footballer turned journalist and now conspiracy theorist is no stranger to controversy. One of his biggest yet bizarre conspiracy theories was about the 9/11 attacks. According to his theory, it was an excuse for the war on terrorism. He also contested the collapse of the World Trade Center. As per Icke, it made no sense that the buildings came down and that even experts had the same opinion. Moreover, he was certain that military exercises took place at the time the planes hit the buildings.

Another strange theory posited by Icke claimed world leaders are shape-shifting reptile humanoids. This would include the British royal family as well as Mark Zuckerberg. He revealed one of his latest theories during his first seminar Down Under in Perth, Mail Online reported. David Icke tackled the current fixation of the modern world with technology and its three stages of evolution. Beginning with mobile phones to wearables like glasses and watches to implantables used to take over the mind. Hence, a population of sub-humans that serve as computer terminals would emerge.

  • John01

    David Icke is a great man. Put aside your preconceptions for a minute, type “David Icke” into YouTube, listen to the man speak and then make up your own mind. You may be surprised at what you find.

  • Mombasa69

    Well at least this site actually allows people to leave a comment, which unfortunately says much about the others that tell you what they think, and don’t allow comments, what are they so scared of exactly?

    Oh and no one is forced to go to see David Icke, but he does give a 12 hour long event, complete with great music, I don’t believe everything he talks about, but 90% of it really does open your eyes.

    The mainstream media really is full of BS and hot air that’s one thing I agree with 100%

  • justice25

    Respect to David Icke. The last thing he needs to deal with are immature adults who get a kick out of bullying a man of truth. The elite have done a great job at making truth tellers look crazy. These people don’t know anything about conspiracy and logic. Nor do they have the ability to stretch their minds and allow in new possibilities/ideas. It is people like this who benefit the ruling elite’s goals of leading humanity into destruction and further enslavement. May as well dig your own graves and bury yourselves.