Ryan Lochte may not be the most well-liked athlete at the moment but despite his shenanigans, it does not pay off to get too aggressive with him. The two men who rushed the stage of Lochte’s appearance in Dancing With the Stars Season 23 have been charged and could face jail time and a hefty fine.

During the LIVE season premier of Dancing With the Stars Season 23 on Sept. 12, controversial swimmer Ryan Lochte was almost attacked on stage. Two men rushed to him from the audience, but were quickly tackled and subdued by security, as seen in a clip obtained by TMZ.

The men have since been identified as Sam Sotoodeh and Barzeen Soroudi. They have reportedly targeted Lochte, after one of their relatives was arrested in connection to the ticket scam in the Rio Olympics 2016. TMZ dug up more information and it turns out that the arrested family member is named Justin Sotoodeh McNeil.

McNeil however, was not arrested in connection with Lochte and his fake robbery case. He was charged with selling fake tickets to a Team USA Volleyball event. It remains unclear why the family thinks that Lochte had something to do with the ticket scam.

The two protesters have been charged with interrupting the performance and for leaving the audience area. Both charges are only misdemeanors but  they could face up to 6 months in jail. They could also be fined US$1000 if convicted. According to NBC, the arraignment has been set on Oct. 4.

The two men revealed protest shirts and started booing Lochte, right after he performed a foxtrot with pro dancer Cheryl Burke. Feeling that the protest was not enough, one man decided to rush to the swimmer. Both of the protesters have been detained since the incident and are now finding themselves in hot water.