“Damn Daniel” and his white Vans are not quite done with the limelight.

According to Hollywood Life, viral star Daniel Lara is being tapped by Vans to make a commercial for them. A classmate of Lara’s came forward with exclusive details.

“[Lara’s] next video is going to be a commercial for Vans. Our video production program class…is trying to collaborate with Vans to shoot an ad. We are trying to get a couple of pair of Vans from the company to use in a commercial with [Lara,]” classmate Blake Lewis told Hollywood Life. Lewis said their team is hoping to shake things up a little bit. They will be hiring a “sexy woman” to say the hit catch phrase “Damn Daniel.”

According to Seventeen, Lara gained instant stardom when his friend Joshua Holz posted a 30 second video of him. Holz was repeatedly saying, “Damn Daniel” in the background.

“This time we are going to use a sexy woman’s voice saying the catch phrase,” Lewis explained. “The camera will pan from the shoes up to [Lara’s] face, where he will wink at the camera or something cool or funny to get a laugh.”

“We want to get the shoes from the new commercial we shoot to be authenticated so we can auction them off and raise money for school programs…That is what we have in the works so far,” he added.

This has not been confirmed by Vans. However, the shoe company has good reason to hire Lara. Listings for Lara’s Vans have appeared on eBay. Although probably not the real thing, they still got “pretty crazy” bids. The offers go from $693 (US$500) to $20,927 (US$15,100). White Vans only retail for $62 (about US$45).

Meanwhile, a video of a naked Simon Cowell also went viral this month. It later turned out to be fake.