A reconstruction surgery has given a new life to a Moroccan woman who was previously disowned by her husband after a tumor disfigured her face. Now she hopes for a better future after the life-changing facial surgery.

Smaira Benhar, 39, was suffering from neurofibromatosis, which is a genetic condition that causes irrepressible growths along the nerves. There were huge floppy tumors on the right side of her face due to this condition. She could not see through her right eye as the tumors completely covered it. To add to her misery, her husband disowned her. In Casablanca, Morocco, which is her home city, she became the butt of ridicule. Life became a living hell for Smaira. She was heartbroken has lost all hopes.

Smaira said, “I was very damaged physically and psychologically.”

But, Smaira’s pain did not last long, a pharmacist asked for her picture to be sent to a doctor in Spain. Smaira said that the pharmacist told her that she did not want to promise her anything but would do her best to help Smaira, as reported by news.com.au.

Dr Pedro Cavadas, a world-renowned surgeon in reconstructive surgery and implants at Mainses Hospital in Valencia, Spain, has heard Smaira’s story. Cavadas confirmed that he could help and also promised that Smaira would see tremendous improvement in her appearance.

He said, “This is a genetic illness, rare but not so infrequent. Treatment consists of trying to make the face symmetrical. Fortunately, the tumours are benign.”

Smaira spent 13 months in Valencia, had three operations to remove the tumors, rebuild her face and have a prosthetic eye put in. Smaira’s life-changing facial surgery was funded by the Adra Foundation and the Cultural Islamic Centre. The Adra Foundation will also help her in finding a job and accommodation so that she can help her family, reported Mail Online.

Smaira in a press conference said, “Today I am very happy. I will never forget everything they have done for me.”