Dallas Love Field shooting update reveals the identity of the man whom police shot earlier after he had vandalized a woman’s car outside the Love Field Airport in Dallas Friday. He was said to be holding  rocks and charged at the officer responding at the scene.

In a written description of the incident, the Dallas police identified the suspect as Shawn Diamond, 29. He is said to be the father of the children of the woman involved in this incident, according to the Inquirer Daily News report.

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Domestic Dispute

A police spokesman described the Dallas Love Field shooting  incident as a domestic disturbance, CNN reports.

Account of the incident by Assistant Police Chief Randy Blankenbaker alleged that Diamond, was throwing rocks at the mother of his children outside the baggage claim area.

The officer who responded was able to move the woman away but the individual (Diamond) came toward him again leading him to discharged his weapon a number of times.

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Diamond was struck several times and he was taken to a local hospital where  his condition is listed as stable.

Meanwhile the woman was said to be unhurt and police believe that no children were present at the time of the shooting.

Temporary Airport Shutdown

The incident resulted to a temporary shutdown of parts of the facility, police said.

Airport authorities decided to pull everyone back out of the secure area and recheck them for security purposes.

The action created massive lines and the incident led to problems with flight schedules at the airport.

Officer who fired placed on administrative leave

Meanwhile, the officer who opened fire at Diamond will be placed on administrative leave following department policy for an investigation into the shooting, police said.

A witness account on CNN said that the officer told Diamond to “drop the rock and stop walking,” but he continued to approach the officer slowly as other unaware passengers came through the terminal door.

Police said the altercation began at a car that was pulled up to the curb outside the baggage claim doors. The man used large rocks taken from curbside landscaping to break several windows of the car, they said.