Friday, September 30, 2016

Criminal Minds Season 12 Thomas Gibson Replacement Revealed!

Criminal Minds Season 12 Thomas Gibson Replacement Revealed!

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Fans are likely still reeling from the news of Thomas Gibson’s abrupt departure. However, could Criminal Minds Season 12 already be moving on so soon with his replacement?

It seems only yesterday when the scuffle between the actor and a writer/producer went public. At the time, he attended anger management classes to address the situation. However, the latest altercation proved to be his undoing. His earlier suspension led to his summary removal from the show. The timing could not be more inopportune as production is underway for Criminal Minds Season 12. Thus, the question emerged of whether the crime drama series could move forward without SSA Aaron Hotchner. Yet it would seem there is no choice but to do so, hence the hard task of figuring out how to deal with his exit from the storyline.

In light of recent events, Criminal Minds Season 12 could welcome two more series regulars. Moreover, Hotchner’s successor might be one of them. Thus, a plan seems to be in place, although details of who and what their roles would be are unknown to date. Given the stature of his role, it would be safe to imagine an actor right about the same age as Gibson. The new additions come after the casting of actor Adam Rodriguez as Shemar Moore’s replacement. Aisha Tyler also got her promotion as series regular. Paget Brewster reprises her role as Emily Prentiss as well, according to TV Line.

Actress Kirsten Vangsness shared secrets about what to expect from the series prior to the recent Gibson fiasco. At the time, her spoiler hinted at the likely significance of Mr. Scratch. Unlike previous characters whose stories left room for their possible return, Hotchner’s case is certainly different. Thus, the option to kill off his character while harsh might be necessary. Would it be at the hands of one of his foremost adversaries? Then again, anything is possible and writers might be able to give him a graceful exit considering his contribution to Criminal Minds.

  • Loretta Green

    I think that because of all the hubbub with the Hotch exit, that Criminal Minds should move Gary Sinse character from CM: beyond borders back to Quantico to head up the BAU, and Replace him with lead on that show with a new character. That would give Criminal minds the boost of his star power, and his character has already been established as knowing all those at the BAU with Rossi seeming a close friend. Just one fan’s oppinion.


    • Crafty St. James

      Only one person could fill the gap and that would be Actor Crafty St. James.

    • Rusty

      Thank you Gary.

  • Darlene Mallory

    I agree 100%. Hotch was the backbone of the show. I can’t imagine any actor in the world that could fill his shoes. How do you fire one of the originals because of some kicking. Wow Where’s the loyalty.

  • Jan

    Please do not kill Hotch off. You’ve already had to do something screwy when you had to bring back one who had to come back from the grave. I even felt uncomfortable. Just seemed weird. As for as Hotch goes. You may realize your error when your ratings drop. So promote him and have him drop in occasionally.