The remaining half of “Criminal Minds” season 11 is scheduled to return in a few hours and fans can expect a more intense treatment in the upcoming episodes.

One of these intense moments, as reported before, involves Dr. Spencer Reid’s (Matthew Gray Gubler) efforts to take down the crime ring that has threatened the BAU this season. Fans of the show can recall that the boy genius has been missing in the last few episodes of “Criminal Minds” before its mid-season finale.

However, the young profiler is set to make up for his absences by taking the spotlight on the show’s 13th episode.

In a report by TV Guide, Reid’s role in taking down the Dirty Dozen is dubbed as pivotal.

The website details that the all-new episode will see Reid on a date with Cat Adams (guest star Aubrey Plaza) who turns out to be a baddie since she holds the FBI agent at gunpoint during their date.

With regard to the plot of the episode, executive producer Erica Messer was quoted by TV Guide in saying:

“There are a lot of twists to it and it feels like old-school “Criminal Minds”. It’s an amazing episode written by Breen Frazier and Matthew is really at the center of it, which is nice because Dr. Reid has been away with his mom. It’s an edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller almost, and Dr. Reid is forced to share some things he never has before.”

Meanwhile, another news regarding the series may hint that one of the BAU agents’ life may be in danger.

In a report by TV Line, actor Danny Glover has been cast to play a very unusual role: Derek Morgan’s (Shemar Moore) father.

The website points out that since Derek’s dad is already dead, the episode that will feature him may have a deeper meaning.

Fans also share some insight regarding Glover’s casting. According to one fan who posted a comment on TV Line’s article, the trend in “Criminal Minds” is that if an episode is named after a character, a major thing is going to happen to that character. The fan proceeds to mention JJ leaving in the episode titled “JJ” and Garcia being shot in the episode “Penelope” as examples.

Therefore, since Glover will guest star in the episode called “Derek”, this may suggest that a threat to the agent’s life may be possible.

“Criminal Minds” airs on CBS at 9 p.m.