Creepy Clown alert! Everything that appears funny is not necessarily funny! There is a new rising threat to the society. In Australia, many have reported spotting people dressing up as clowns just to scare the public. The issue needs to be addressed immediately to prevent any serious damage.

Australia has been put on high alert after a series of creepy sightings of people in make-up and costumes swept America. The reason for such an eerie prank is still a mystery but one thing is certain: the creepy clown craze has crossed all limits.

Now that the creepy clown craze has spread in Australia, the police department has warned about people “parading in the public wearing clown masks.” Scary creepy clown groups have emerged as a threat on social media, as well. They can go to any extent just to scare the life out of common people.

This creepy clown trend in Australia is highly inspired by a group in the US, who started to frighten the public just for fun’s sake. The first crime was reported in Greenville, South Carolina. Various professional clowns have expressed their concern on the issue. They are even trying to win the trust of people through social media posts.

Facebook group Clown Nation Perth has alerted the locals to the impending danger. It wrote:

“You will start seeing clown sightings soon. We have been preparing for a while now.”

On the other hand, in Victoria, the police is taking necessary measures to stop the creepy clown activity. The force posted on the Official Facebook page:

“Victoria Police are aware of people who are parading in the public wearing clown masks.Any intimidating and threatening as well as anti-social behaviors will not be tolerated and will be investigated by Police.”

One Facebook page, a group called the Melbourne Clown Association asked the people to “be ready” to deal with anti-social behavior from individuals dressed as clowns.

Professional clowns have even organized “Clown Lives Matter” to stop such unlawful activities. The march will be joined by more than a hundred professional clowns in Tucson, Arizona on Oct 15, reported the Telegraph.

The trend has also misguided several teenagers to get involved in illicit activities. This problem has engulfed majority of the schools in the country.  Australian police appealed directly to those carrying out the pranks to consider the distress they are causing to young children.

New Haven, Connecticut put a ban on clown costumes on Halloween after threats to schools. “This can cause major disruptions leading to schools, businesses and neighborhoods being placed into lockdown unnecessarily,” conveyed a spokesman for Connecticut police.

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Stay alert and stay safe! If you learn anything about creepy clown activities, inform the police immediately.