A good number of players had their accounts banned in ‘Counter Strike: Global Offensive’ for trying to cheat.

In a report made by Engadget, thousands of players wanting to get ahead others by cheating were misled to download hacks which got them banned instead.

In ‘Counter Strike’ and other similar games, most people would resort to cheating to have an upper hand and ultimately emerge victorious. This is why cheating and exploits are quite common in competitive games where players are pit against one another.

In every game, there are players who are against cheating. A dedicated Counter Strike player and Reddit user, AndroidL, has had enough of the rampant cheating and decided to catch cheaters by creating fake hacks.

The hacks, about three of them, were said to make the users immortal or enable them to never run out of ammo or allow them to see angles which would have been impossible for regular users. Despite these succulent promises, the multihacks were actually designed to facilitate Valve’s Anti Cheat detection system which would result to locking down the accounts using them.

Seeing that the hack has been downloaded 5,500 times, a similar number of players got their accounts banned a while after or immediately after downloading the hack to gain an unfair advantage. What’s funny is that these players had the audacity to complain why their accounts were deemed less trustworthy and some even claim that they have been tricked. AndroidL posted some screenshots of these complaints in a Reddit thread.

Be that as it may, the number of accounts banned is just a small fraction compared to the many cheaters out there – not only in Counter Strike. Hopefully, AndroidL and more like him would look more into efforts to catch and punish cheaters in the gaming community.